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DIY Coat Hooks


This is a super easy project. I wanted to add some coat hooks to the class room as decoration and storage.

I started with a piece of plywood. I chose one that I had previously painted a sign on, but was no longer using so I could have this asymmetrical design on it. I cut it down to fit exactly in the space between the two doors and attached two hooks that I bought from the hardware store. I like the modern look of these and they were pretty inexpensive. Then I screwed it into the door frame. If it had been on a different part of the wall I would have screwed it into a stud instead. Dry wall is not sturdy enough to support heavy coats.


Just a note. Blogging may be pretty spotty for a bit. My computer is sick. We’re still trying to diagnosis it. While my phone is adequate for a lot of things, lengthy blog posts is not one of them.

Furnishing on a Budget

Chairs at Red Circle Crafts

I am quite proud of my efforts to furnish Red Circle Crafts Classroom on a very tiny budget. Craig’s List has not been quite as awesome as I’d hoped it would be. But between it and thrift stores, I think I’m doing well. Always room for more chairs though, and bench. I want a bench.

I knew that I wanted to get a total of 14 chairs for the classroom, at least 8 as soon as possible. I now have my chair (which looks vaguely throne-like), two stools, a smattering of wooden chairs, and 4 borrowed folding chairs.

The fun part of this process has been fixing the fixer-uppers. I like a distressed look for the most part. Some of the chairs had good bones, but looked a bit weary.

Before & After Chairs | Red Circle Crafts

This chair was all that was left of a 4 or 6 piece set of kitchen chairs. It had obviously been outside and used while painting and who knows what else. A quick rinse in the bath tub, and a scrub with rubbing alcohol cleaned up the white paint considerable. The seat itself was still a mess. Using a belt sander, I sanded off the paint splatter and staining on the seat. I purposely chose not to put another coat of paint or varnish on the chair; I’m happy with it as is.

A Home Base for Red Circle Crafts

The Butcher's Daughter via Remodelista

Inspiration from The Butcher’s Daughter via Remodelista

Yesterday I moved into my brand new space. Red Circle Crafts has a home base now. It’s definitely a work in progress and it probably will be for awhile. I’m having a lot of fun reinventing containers for storage and Craig’s List finds for furniture. Eventually I want to get a new, big table or possibly a few small tables that I can rearrange as need be.

While I dream big, I’m pinning stuff on my Studio Decor Inspiration Board.

This is what it looked like before I moved in.

RCC Studio Before

I’ll post more pictures as I put fun studio projects up on the blog. It’s not a big place, but there’s plenty of light (south-facing windows for the win). It’s basically a blank canvas for me to work some magic on.