Making and Remaking

Tiny Stuffies | Red Circle Crafts

I’ve got tiny things on the brain lately. These tiny stuffies came out of some strange need to miniaturize everything. Usually I only show here what I consider the final version of something. But I thought it might be interesting to see what it looks like when I’m making and remaking things trying to get it just right.

Tiny Stuffies | Red Circle CraftsTiny Stuffies | Red Circle Crafts

The sharks are actually a mini version of a larger plush toy I make for Karen’s Monsters. But I wanted to see what it would look like tiny. Despite the fact that I’ve made hundreds (or thousands) of these, the blue one didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, but he has his own appeal. There’s something about the wabisabi that makes him loveable.

Shark1Tiny Stuffies | Red Circle Crafts

In this case, while I used the exact same pattern to make these, I think they look remarkably different. Just a few tweaks makes something that meets my weird standards of what it’s supposed to look like. My own vision of what it should look like sometimes gets in the way of what’s best though.

Tiny Stuffies | Red Circle Crafts

The blue-tailed mermaid was my first try. And while I think the green-tailed lady is better constructed, the first is actually the running favorite around here. I think I have a lesson to learn somewhere about not needing to be perfect and letting good enough be good enough.

Tiny Stuffies | Red Circle Crafts

Also how much fun are these wave props I made for the mermaids? And I definitely missed an opportunity to pose the shark monsters among them, with just the back fin showing.

My only requirement to make the ladies was that they had to be under 2-inches in any direction. I don’t know that I’ve ever made a plush toy this small before. It meant editing out a lot of details and trying to get just the pieces that would make it obvious what it was. Felt typically doesn’t show tiny details well (see almost invisible scales on the tails), so I didn’t want to depend on lots of subtly. Bright lips, shell bra, cascading hair, and tail. Boom. Mermaid.

Tiny Stuffies | Red Circle Crafts

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