Balsa Wood Tutorial Round-Up

I saw tons of balsa wood ideas for Christmas decor floating around the internet this year. I don’t have a ton of experience with it, but it seems like exactly what I need. It’s wooden, but can be worked like cardboard. It’s light-weight, can be cut with scissors or a craft knife, and painted, stamped, printed on, etc. like you would wood. So I went and looked up some non-holiday related tutorials. Maybe some new projects in the future!


DIY Balsa Wood Planter from Fall For DIYThis planter from Fall For DIY might be my favorite tutorial I found. I love how easy the project is and how amazing the end product is. The texture that comes from layering so many not quite perfect circles together is wonderful!


DIY Wood Matting from Eat + Sleep + MakeThis Balsa Wood Mat technique from EAT + SLEEP + MAKE would make an exceptional frame job.


Gemstone Garland from Tell Love and PartyYou know I’m sucker for garlands. I like the Gem Stone Garland from Tell Love and Party, but I can see this as a gateway to creating garlands of all shapes and sizes from a little paint and balsa wood.


Print onto Wood DIY from Oh The Lovely ThingsThe last is a technique more than a project tutorial, but I think it expands the sorts of things I’m thinking about doing with balsa wood. This tutorial from Oh The Lovely Things shows how to transfer any inkjet printed image onto wood.

Photos in this post all belong to their respective, linked sites.

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